Starting Up Your Own Web Design Company

If you are working at a web design company as a web designer, you might realize that you are doing a lot of the work for the company while the company owner who is not a web designer at all is reaping the benefits of it. This is the case in most offices. The boss doesn’t do much and often doesn’t have much idea about the work that goes in to what makes the company successful and yet, you will see that the owner of the company will charge the client a large sum of money for the work while the workers get a minute percentage of that as payment. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were to stay home and design a website all by yourself and get the same payment without the middleman?

How to begin

You will first need to think about your strategy about how you are going to market your new company and how the work would get done. For you to design a website you will need three main people. A web developer, a web designer and a web content writer. You will also need a proof reader to read through all the content your writer has done. First decide how many of these things you can do yourself. If you are able to develop and design the website both, then that is more money for you as you will not need to hire an extra person to do the job for you.

If your English is very good then you might be able to play the role of the content writer and the skilled proof reader in Melbourne as well for the first month or two while you still have a very few customers. However when your number of customers increases you will no longer have the time to play all four roles. You will not necessarily need to have a big primary investment to start a company like this however it is advisable to have some money in the bank before you decide to take the risk to give up your full time job.

Starting a company is really not as hard as you might think, especially if you have a lot of contacts. There are always a lot of people out there looking for someone who might design a website for them or might design a flyer or handle an email advertising campaign for them. You might even speak to a few people and offer to the work for them at almost half the cost that they would normally pay in exchange for having their website and their flyers in your portfolio.

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