Furnishing Your Apartment

If you have just moved into your new apartment or are looking at redoing or redecorating your current apartment then we have some great suggestions for furnishing in a budget. Furniture can get expensive unless you want to buy cheap generic furniture or use whatever is not needed at home. You can have a fabulous looking apartment without spending the earth or relying on parents and family for hand me down furnishing options.

Buy generic

Yes, we just said you wouldn’t need to furnish your apartment with generic furniture, but this does not mean you shouldn’t consider buying some! You can find things like shelves, tables and even hairs and cupboards for great prices. While they may not look amazing or unique, once you buy the piece, it becomes super easy to make them your own. Having bought your generic furniture, you next step is to get some paint – pick whatever colours you love and feel will work well together and get painting! You could paint them solid colours, paint on a pattern like stripes or even an ikat pattern! The options are endless and you end up with a truly unique piece of furniture! Other options are to reupholster chairs or even to use washi tape to add a cool pattern to a set of drawers or a cupboard.

Flea markets are your friends

Other great places to find furniture at great prices are flea markets and garage sales Melbourne.

You may be able to find some beautiful pieces of furniture for great prices at flea markets and garage sales are the best places to pick up a table or chair that only needs a little touching up. Often the prices are also marked way below the standard market price which could save you some money that you could then put towards something else! There are a few things to remember when shopping at such places though. Properly check that the furniture you buy is not going to fall apart in five minutes. A slightly dinged up table or a chair with a broken arm rest can be fixed but if there’s wood rot or if the chairs seat looks like it will collapse if anyone sits on it then you should not buy that! Also check for stains and funny smells!

Add some art

A great way to fill up an empty space is to get some art. You can order cheap prints online today and even hang up things like a wall hanging or interesting piece of fabric that you frame. They make for great art that can really brighten up a place!

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