4 Excellent Tips To Get Your Business Famous

Are you a small or medium scale business owner striving for ways to make your business a famous one? A research has shown that over a span of two years almost 85% of small to medium scale businesses tend to close down. Only the remaining 15% are able to carry on business activities to the third year! So, as a small or medium scale business, you need to implement ways to increase your businesses market share thus making it a famous one!

Read below to find out some tips that may be very useful to you!

Get hold of local reporters

You should try to get hold of local newspaper reporters who will write a good article or two every now and then, in order to create a good rapport among the people of your company’s brand image. It should also be viewed as a prestigious company to work in. so, what better to achieve that than getting the reporters of famous local newspaper publishers to write up a good word or two for your company. Always make sure that the reporters write about your company every now and again as only then will the people remember of your company brand.

Nominate your company and employees for awards

There are many awards and recognitions in the business world. You should research and see what the available awards that will match your company are. You need to nominate your employees for the employee’s awards that they will be providing. And for the company awards you should nominate yourself. Since, most business often fail to nominate themselves for such awards you will have an easy chance of win of the award. You can then use custom signs Sydney to inform all the people of your win!

Engage in CSR projects

CSR projects have become the latest trend and tactic that large companies use to show that they are socially responsible. They carry out cleaning projects or help the destitute in the country as an act of goodwill. Thus they are able to ensure that their brand image is always shown in the good lights. You too can undertake a CSR project that will bring in a lot of attention of your target customers. You should also keep in mind to publicize your CSR activity to increase your goodwill. You can put up neon signs with your company’s logo and brand name with the CSR activity that you carried out in prominent locations. But you need to be subtle in telling the people what you are doing for the community. For instance, you can invite the general public to sign up as volunteers of your CSR project.


You should look for the authorities and customers who are very influential and who need to be treated extra well, in order to get them to give your business the lift that it so badly needs. Always try to get hold of such people by giving them special gifts. You should also take such people out on lunch or dinner to ensure that you have a very good relationship with them.

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